9th September: Listen to “Heartstrings”!

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It’s happening! Leighton’s debut album is almost there! People from the USA can even pre-order it on itunes!

The first song that came out is “Heartstrings”. Some of you may remember it from the concert she gave with Check in the Dark, at Tiffany & Co in 2011. It sounds even better now!
“‘Heartstrings’ speaks to vibe and encompasses a lot of the themes of the rest of the album,” Leighton told Billboard. “It’s been a long time coming and I’m very excited to finally release it.”
I’m sure Leighton’s fans are even more excited!


1st September: Leighton and Adam on August 31


Leighton and Adam spent their  Labor Day Weekend together at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga on August 31. 

20th August: Behind the scenes of Leighton’s album photoshoot and St.Rillian campaign

Leighton shot a campaign for St.Rillian. She will travel to Japan to promote it at the beginning of September. Purple definitely suits her! Unfortunately I got a message that the photos aren’t authorized by the owner to be used, so they aren’t available in the gallery any more. Sorry for the inconvenience!

After finishing her work at Broadway, Leighton finally has some time to focus on her music career. According to a chance encounter at a Mother’s (Penn Badgley’s band) concert, Leighton said that her music output would be going public in October.

To make that fantastic information even better I uploaded the gallery with some behind the scenes pictures of Leighton’s photoshoot for the album!

And for those of you who didn’t see those ones, in the gallery there are some really lovely picture of Leighton and Adam in New York City on July 24th!

30th July: Leighton on July 27&28

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Unfortunately this was the last time! On July 27th Leighton appeared in the final performance of Of Mice & Men on Broadway. After packing some stuff Leighton stepped to greet her fans. Is it a smile of pride? She definitely deserved that one! :)

On the next day (July 28th) Leighton spent some time with her little lovely ball’s catcher Trudy and Penny Lane in New York City. She was later joined by her husband, Adam.

28th July: “Of Mice and Men” heads to the big screen!

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Such an exciting news! Broadway Revival of Of Mice & Men, Starring James Franco & Chris O’Dowd, Heads to the Big Screen

Get ready for George, Lennie and the rest of the gang on the big screen. The Broadway revival of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, starring James Franco, Chris O’Dowd, Leighton Meester and Jim Norton, will be filmed during its final weeks of performances at the Longacre Theatre for a broadcast by the U.K.’s National Theatre Live. This marks the first Great White Way show to be filmed by the National Theatre program. Screenings dates for the U.S. and Britain will be announced later.

Directed by Anna D. Shapiro, Of Mice and Men tells the story of two migrant workers: George (Franco), a sharp but uneducated, short-tempered man, and Lennie (O’Dowd), a large but simple-minded man. Together they hope to one day acquire their own piece of land. But when Lennie stirs up trouble on the job, George must choose between protecting his friend or continuing to strive for the American dream. This is the first time the play has been on Broadway in 40 years.

Source: broadway.com

The play also set Broadway house record!
deadline: Proving their chops as Broadway draws, James Franco, Chris O’Dowd, Leighton Meester and Jim Norton set a second house record last week as their run in the revival of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men comes to a close. The show grossed $929,888 for the week ending July 20, breaking its previous record of $897,851.00 for the week ending April 27. The show, which opened on April 16 at the Longacre Theatre and recouped its $3.8 million capitalization after 12 weeks, ends its limited run this Sunday.

The success of Mice, staged by Anna D. Shapiro, underscores the value of smart marketing, stalwart producing and, essentially, great word-of-mouth, all of which urged the show — hardly your typical breezy summer fare — to must-see status. The producers are David Binder, Kate Lear, Darren Bagert, Adam Zotovich, Latitude Link/Piedmont Productions, Raise the Roof, Paula Marie Black, Marc Turtletaub, Ruth Hendel/Barbara Whitman, Marianne Mills/Jayne Baron Sherman, Martin Massman, Judy Kent/Wendy Knudsen, Kevin Niu, Michael Watt and The Shubert Organization. 101 Productions, Ltd are the executive producers.

28th July: “Life Partners” news

The film opened Outfest, which is Los Angeles’ LGBT film festival at the beginning of July. It caused some really good articles and reviews about the movie and its cast.

[About Leighton and Adam]: Fogel said she hesitated to cast the two together, not wanting the press coverage of the celebrity couple’s budding romance to overshadow the goal of their film: to showcase the story of a strong, female friendship. But Meester’s standout performance as Sasha, a 29-year-old unmotivated receptionist trying to figure out her life, confirmed Fogel’s choice.

“We found ourselves loving Leighton so much we just went for it, and figured worst case they have some highly publicized drama on the set,” Fogel said. “After seeing how talented and authentic and real she is, why not push her to do something so different that she was excited to do anyways?”
The cast of “Life Partners”
The cast of “Life Partners,” from left to right: Beth Dover, Gabourey Sidibe, Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs, Adam Brody and Abby Elliott. (Outfest Los Angeles)

Casting the two in different relationships also gave each actor the chance to push against their typical character type; for Meester, the Type-A “rich girl” she played on “Gossip Girl” and Brody the “hipster icon,” Fogel said.

There’s also a review at ioncinema.com

Above all, it’s both Lefkowitz’s perceptive and screenplay and the great chemistry between Meester and Jacobs that makes Life Partners so intoxicating—the female buddy comedy has long been absent of such superlative qualities. More surprisingly is how the film isn’t able to simply be defined by stereotype or labels—it’s about two best friends, one who just happens to be a lesbian (and it’s refreshing to see the heterosexual end of the duo censure the other for her dips into senseless self-loathing). But what enhances the universal appeal of these characters is how naturally Life Partners plays out—there’s never a forced or bracingly melodramatic moment. Sasha and Paige aren’t perfect people and don’t always make the best choices for themselves or for each other, but reconciliations and eventual growth are hard won, their heavily pronounced character arcs evident in a 90 minute framework due to the care with which they were developed.

Leighton Meester’s winning performance is worth noting, a solid step above her presence in schlocky studio fare since graduating from the annals of “Gossip Girl.” An incredible comedic talent, it’s great to see Jacobs in a lead role instead of playing second fiddle in middling fare. As winning as Meester and Jacobs are together, other supporting players, like Adam Brody, Julie White, and Gabourey Sidibe get utilized in unanticipated ways.

In the gallery you can now find some stills from the movie.

28th July: Out and about on July 23

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Few days ago I posted photos of Leighton leaving her apartment and heading to job. The photos were made on July 23rd in Manhattan.

22nd July: Leighton and Adam on a walk

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Adam and Leighton took a morning stroll with their two lovely dogs on July 21st  in New York City. Be sure to see Leighton’s cute smile that day!

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